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airtel postpaid now comes in 2 packages designed to cater to your varied communication needs.






highest number of fnf’s


best rates


 1 second pulse


an amazing flat rate  

connection price



 adjustable deposit & credit limit  



total price




Offer for Inactive SIM:

Get up to 90% discount on due bill!


1.       Eligible Customers: Postpaid commercial packages inactive since Jul 01, 2014.

2.       Customers will be given an invoice discount on their due amount upon reactivating their connections. With the discount, the customers will also get 300 airtel-airtel SMS and 300 MB2G Internet bonus.

3.       The discount will be given as in the table below

Inactive Period


Less than or equal to 1 year (12 months) but more than 6 months


More than 1 year but less than or equal to 2 years (13 - 24 months)


Less than or equal to 3 years (25 - 36 months)


More than 3 years (37 months +)



*the above discount bands are applicable for customers with over BDT100 due.


4.       The discount & bonus will be given in installments over 3 months, equally, upon using BDT 250 in local voice calls. The bonus in each month (100 SMS and 100 MB) will have 15 days of validity.

5.       The discount and the bonus in the 1st month will be given upon reactivation, and clearing all the remaining dues after discount. This is applicable only for customers with a due of BDT100 or more. Customers with less than BDT 100 due, or inactive for less than or equal to 6 months will receive the 1st month bonus SMS and GPRS only, upon clearing the remaining dues.

6.       Customers with less than BDT 100 due, or inactive for less than or equal to 6 months will be given a 8% discount 2nd and 3rd months of reactivation upon using BDT 250 in local voice calls in the 1st and 2nd months respectively. These customers will not be eligible for the discount bands given above, but they will get the bonus SMS and GPRS amounts upon reactivation and meeting the usage criteria.

7.       Discount & bonus will be posted within 10 days of the stipulated usage period.

8.       GPRS Bonus can only be consumed by customers with Credit Limit >= BDT 300.



For details call 1212 (Free)

Or, Dial *121# (Free)


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