Smart 1216

Smart 1216 is a new IVR feature introduced first time in Bangladesh. It is a touch-controlled menu of interactive voice response (IVR) options and purely audio-based IVR experience with visual data such as images and text, improving first-call resolution and reducing call times and call center offered calls.

Here dialing 1216, you will receive a onetime session link for managing Airtel account and offers.

Key Features:

  • You will be able to get service by viewing and hearing at the same time.
  • Smart phone and feature phone both users are able to get their service through Smart 1216
  • No need to wait for hearing the full announcement and connect to agent.

How to use:

Just dial 1216 (absolutely free) and you will receive a link, then you will be able to get your service through browsing this one time link or press below.

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