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We thrive to ensure that you get the most out of your Airtel experience which is why we provide the best-in-class customer service across a wide range of platforms, designed keeping your convenience in mind. Connect with us in any of our customer service platform below:

My Airtel App

Airtel Messenger Chatbot (SIMI)

Smart 1216 (A Visual IVR)

It is a menu-based audio-visual platform with easy navigation guided by voice where you can easily manage your Airtel account and even purchase your favorite packs. Simply dial 1216 and you will receive a link to use the service.

USSD Chatbot

If you are a Airtel prepaid or a postpaid user you can use probable keywords through USSD Chatbot to get desired services by simply dialing *666# and typing your desired service name, for e.g. data, minute, balance, etc.

Single Digit USSD Codes

By just dialing 1 digit code you can easily get some of the most desired services. Check out the list below:

Single Digit USSDService Names
*0#Minutes Bundle
*1#Balance Check/Due Balance
*2#Show own Mobile Number
*3#Data (MB) Check
*4#Internet Pack Purchase
*5#Popular Vas Activation/Deactivation
*6#Know Your Package/Call Tariff
*7#DND (Stop/Start Promotional SMS)
*8#Jhotpot Balance/Air Credit
*9#All VAS Stop Request
*123#Show All Service

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