Dial *121#

*121# — One Code, Easy to use:

No more waiting in the queue, no more searching for Airtel Customer Service Centers to activate/deactivate Airtel service, no more confusion on what to do, where to go, who to connect for assistance regarding Airtel’s products and services. Simply dial *121# and manage your Airtel services on your own.

What are the benefits for the Customers?

All Airtel customers can independently do the followings:

  • Check own account balance/bill
  • Check own package/tariff plan, select and activate best suited tariff plans/packages
  • Activate desired Internet packages
  • Manage FNF & Priyo numbers
  • Activate and deactivate popular value added services
  • Transfer balance to other Airtel number and many more

How to use *121#?

Just dial *121# from your Airtel number & follow the simple instructions.

Single Digit USSD Codes:

Single Digit USSD is a breakthrough by which you can easily able the most widely used services of Airtel. So let's not know which USSD number is applicable for which service.

Single Digit USSD

Service Names


Balance Check/Due Balance


Show own Mobile Number


Data (MB) Check


Internet Pack Purchase


Popular Vas activation/deactivation


Tariff Plan Check

*7#DND (Stop/Start Promotional SMS)


Prepaid Air Credit


All VAS Stop Request


Minute Bundle

Dial *666#

*666# — Airtel USSD BOT

Now Airtel Prepaid & Postpaid users can use probable keywords through BOT to get services ( Like Minute, Data, Balance & Others) digitally by dialing *666#

How To Use *666#?

Just dial *666# from your Airtel number & type your desired service name like – data, minute, balance & others.

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