WATCHMORE is a cool local full length content platform with new blockbuster films and exciting movie treasures, everything can be watched online!

There is something to watch for everyone! Below are the content categories –

  • Blockbuster
  • New Arrival
  • Movie
  • TV Show
  • Documentary
  • Telefilm
  • Single Drama
  • Drama Serial

How to use

You need to log on to WAP site from your mobile via your mobile browser.

How to Subscribe:

  • SMS: Type “START WM” and send to 16443 to get the link of Watch more portal.
  • Mobile site: Visit and click on “SUBSCRIBE” button.
  • Android App: Get the app from Google Play Store, Click on SUBSCRIBE button on app.

How to Unsubscribe:

  • SMS: Write STOP WM and send to 16443.
  • Mobile site: Go to and click on “UNSUBSCRIBE” bottom of the page.
  • Android App: Click on UNSUBSCRIBE button on App.
Watchmore FreeBDT 0 + (Taxes)/dayYesAfter subscription first 07 days Subscriber will be able to stream unlimited video contents from any section.
Weekly PackBDT 7 + (Taxes)/dayYesAfter free 7 days Subscriber will able to
stream unlimited video contents from any section but 8.52 charge applicable

Terms & Conditions:

  • For 1st 7 days there is no subscription charge.
  • User can unsubscribe any time during free period.
  • If user deactivated the service during free period charge will not deduct.
  • We will take double consent during free period subscription.
  • There will be data charge for browsing the portal and watch video streaming.
  1. How do I start Streaming in my Mobile?
    Ans. Find your desired content from click on it choose your desired quality it will start streaming automatically. If default player is not selected for the streaming the mobile might ask to choose a player for streaming.
  2.  What if I don’t want to subscribe to the service but I want to watch a particular content?
    Ans. This is a subscription based service. Without subscription no video will be streamed.
  3.  What if I have been charged but I could not watch the full content?
    Ans. If you are charged once for content you can watch any time during that subscription period.
  4.  Is there any data charge for browsing the portal and watch content?
    Ans. Yes, there will be data charges as per your subscribed data plan for browsing and streaming at
  5.  What kind of mobile will be compatible for watch more?
    Ans. User will be able to use the service with handsets using Android and iOS operating system.
  6.  What will happen if any non-member clicks to watch content from
    Ans. When a non-member user will click the content they will take to a subscription page, If he/she denies to subscribe, then s/he will take to home page.
  7.  Where can I find the content which I have already watched? How can I watch it again? Do I need to pay again to watch that content?
    Ans. If you add video into list by clicking on add list button, then you can see the list of videos from your account. You can watch the content again by just clicking on it within your subscription period.
  8.  If a user double clicks or sends double SMS for subscription then will the user be charged twice?
    Ans. Users will be charged only once for subscription. If any existing user sends subscription request more than once, then they will receive a free notification that they are already subscribed for the service.
  9.  Will I be able to subscribe if my handset is not supported?
    Ans. No, you will not be able to subscribe to this service if your handset is not supported. We can detect Handsets model, brand, Operating system and browser. If any of these options do not support, user will not be able to subscribe at watch more portal.
  10.  What will happen if I change my Phone?
    Ans. If you change your handset and continue having the old SIM card, then you will remain a subscriber to the service. And you can just use the service as you were earlier.
  11.  What happens when I change my SIM card?
    Ans. If you change your SIM card then you will have to subscribe to the service once again with your new SIM.
  12.  I cannot watch any of the content!
    Ans. You may have a poor network or the video does not support your default player. Try changing the player and switch your mobile to 3G mode.
  13.  I could watch Movie or videos till yesterday, but can’t play today.
    Ans. Possible reason for not playing the contents as follows:
    • You do not have sufficient balance so the subscription has not been renewed
    • Please check your data plan
    • If you are using dual SIM handset please check and choose your subscribed SIM for the service.
  14.  Can I Download from watchmore portal?
    Ans. No there is no download option watchmore portal.
  15.  Can I use any browser to access the watchmore service.
    Ans. For Android OS Opera browser gets problem while browsing Chrome browser in case of 30-40% gets problem in browsing
    To have a better experience it is suggested that Android users will use phone’s default browser, Firefox or UC browser and IOS user will use Safari browser.
  16.  Don’t find answers here?
    Email to the below ID or call the helpline number given below:
    Support Email:
    Phone: +8801821965232

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