Installment Offer

The valuable customers of Airtel now can purchase selected smartphone in easy installment. The customers would not find this phone available in the market in installment but with Airtel they can enjoy an easy installment scheme. Please go through the offer details below:

Offer Details:

  • Selected customer who have received the offer SMS from Airtel will be eligible for this Offer.
  • The eligible and interested customers must make a down payment of 1675 taka.
  • Monthly EMI for Female @499/Month where male also can avail this @599/Month. Tenure is 15 months for female and 12 months for male. EMI can be paid to any Bank Asia Branch or Bank Asia agent-banking outlet.
  • The eligible customer has to open a Bank account with Bank Asia prior to get the device financing from Bank Asia. Agent will help to open the Bank Asia account in selected 5 Airtel Sheba.
  • No extra charge will incur for bank account opening.
  • For female customers the EMI tenure is 15 months.
  • EMI could be paid through any branch of Bank Asia or Agent banking outlet.
  • WIC staff will validate the NID number (including biometric fingerprint checking) carried by the customer to authenticate the eligible customer. Only MSISDN owner will get the financing facility, no user on behalf of owner will get this financing from Bank Asia.
  • The offer will remain active as long as the stock is available
  • What is the service actually?

    Airtel is offering a handset offer to its specific group of customers, where the eligible customers can purchase a handset through attractive EMI from Airtel WIC centers and without any credit card or deposit

  • What is the offer? 

    It’s a handset combo offer at monthly EMI Tk. 499 for 15 months and EMI Tk.599 for 12 months along with a down payment of Tk.1675.

  • What is the handset model? How much its market price?

    Micromax Q440. In the market you will not get this attractive EMI offer. You will have to pay full amount at a time.

  • Do you have any grantee or warranty of the handsets?

    Original Brand Warranty will be applicable.

  • What facilities we will get in Airtel bundle?

    Airtel Bundle consist of 2GB (1GB regular and 1GB 4G data), 60 on-net Min+60 Off-net Min+120 Local SMS , 30days validity

  • What is the checking code?

    Bonus Query Code-Onnet minute-*123*013#, Offnet minute-*123*014# Data -*8444*88#, *123*3*5#, SMS-*222*12#

  • Where can I use the bonus minute ?

    Onnet minute can be use all local onnet number , and offnet can be use all local offnet number inside the Bangladesh, Except short code, or VAS For SMS any local number not for any service activation request or short code or VAS

  • Where can I avail this offer ?

    From 5 selected points: Gulshan WIC, Dhanmondi WIC, Mirpur WIC, Paltan WIC, GEC Airtel Sheba (Chittagong)

  • Can we take the offer without Airtel bundle?

    It is combo offer where you will get 4G enable Handset along with attractive Airtel bundle.

  • Who are eligible for the campaign?

    Selected customer base who have received the offer SMS from Airtel and got the offer code replying to it, will be eligible for this Offer.

  • what are the eligibility criteria to select customer base for the campaign?

    It’s a pilot project so randomly customers have been picked from specific areas and based on their different usages criteria eligible customers have been selected.

  • Which areas have been covered for the pilot project?

    Dhaka, and Chittagong

  • How long the campaign will be running?

    The campaign will be running till the stocks are available 

  • How many stocks are available for the pilot project?

    Initially we offering 1000 only. Later it will be increased 2nd Phase

  • Do I have option to choose any from 12/15 EMI month? 

    Not at this campaign it may come later. Currently 12 months is for Men and 15 months is for women only

  • How to get the offer code & what to do with it?

    To get the offer code type “Yes” and send to 21213.

  • What are the documents I need to submit for the offer? 

    You have to bring your NID photocopy, your nominee's NID photocopy, your own 2 PP size photograph and your nominee’s 1 PP size photograph.

  • Where do I need to pay back the installment amount? 

    You have to pay back to your nearest Bank-Asia branch or through their agent banking.

  • How the payment will be made? Do I need to open any account in Bank Asia? 

    Yes, A savings deposit account in Bank-Asia will be required for your installment repayment which will be created at once from Airtel Walk in Center without any deposit.

  • What kind of account it’s going to be from Bank-Asia? 

    Bank-Asia will open a savings deposit account for you, and no initial deposit will be required for it.

  • What kind of banking facilities I can enjoy through the account? 

    All kinds of standard banking facilities you can enjoy from bank-asia.

  • What will happen if I miss to pay the 1st installment then 2nd installment and then 3rd installment? 

    Consider as default due to nonpayment of EMI they will not receive Airtel Bundle benefits as well as Financial institution will take action as per law of the land.