Terms and Conditions for Mobile Subscription

This agreement between the subscriber/customer and Robi Axiata Limited (“ROBI”) shall come into force from the date of commencement of service when the SIM card is activated for service after successful biometric verification. The below terms and conditions will be equally applicable for all the subscribers using Robi network or service irrespective of the number series they are holding.

Subscriber Registration:

  • ROBI shall have the right to ask for supporting documents to verify subscriber / customer’s identity information and validate the same both physically and electronically. ROBI shall have the right to collect and verify subscriber /customer’s identification from government national database.
  • Subscriber shall provide correct identity and address information during subscription of the connection. Subscriber will be solely responsible if any false or incorrect information is furnished during registration.
  • ROBI shall have the right to disconnect, suspend or offer limited services for giving false information on the registration form and/or for not intimating ROBI of any material change in the given information subsequently.
  • ROBI shall have the exclusive right and jurisdiction to determine the title and ownership of a mobile connection after perusing the necessary documents relating to that mobile connection and shall have the right to suspend the mobile connection in question while determining the same. If any dispute arises regarding the ownership/title between two or more subscribers or claimants, the decision provided by ROBI in this regard shall be final and conclusive.
  • If someone does not have NID card, he/she can purchase a temporary connection valid for six months from any Robi Walk-In-Centre (WIC) using passport or driving license or birth certificate. Alternative ID document must have validity for minimum six-months. Within six months validity period, if the subscriber/customer fails to produce a valid NID card and verify it successfully with the biometric verification system, then Robi shall reserves the right to disconnect the connection at the end of six-month period or as per the directives of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).
  • For purchasing a new connection using passport or driving license or birth certificate, a subscriber/customer have to submit copy of that ID. In case of foreign passport, main page of passport covering name, passport number, validity, nationality, address along with the work permit page, visa page having validity period (showing VISA permission by authorized body of Bangladesh government and visa expiry date) need to be submitted.
  • Foreign nationals/diplomats/refugees need to produce passport and the valid visa or work permit or any other permit (issued by concerned authority to stay in Bangladesh) for purchasing a connection. Subscriber/customer have to visit Robi Walk-In-Centre (WIC) for this service.
  • Foreign passport holders have to provide their visa expiry date during the registration for the new connection. The connection will remain active until the date of the visa expiry.
  • In case of death of a subscriber/customer, his/her successors can transfer ownership of that connection by re-registering through NID & biometric verification along with valid documents [ i.e. succession certificate, death certificate, owner’s NID copy & physical SIM (if the SIM is lost , GD copy is recommend)] submission.
  • ROBI reserves the right to reject any application for new connection as it deems fit.
  • ROBI shall reserve the right to share mobile number validation facility against NID or other ID information to government authority under prevailing rules and regulation. In such case, Robi shall not disclose any personal information of valued subscriber beyond legal requirement.

Network & Quality of Services

  • ROBI shall have the right to temporarily suspend the services in whole or some portion of its network for its repair, maintenance, in compliance with government or regulatory requirement, and shall not be responsible for such disruption or suspension for circumstances beyond ROBI‘s control including but not limited to tide, storm, cyclone, flood, lightning, earthquake, fire, blast, explosion or any other act of God, war, rebellion, revolution, pandemic, epidemic, insurrection, embargo or sanction, blockade, riot, civil commotion, labour action or unrest including strike, lock-out or boycott, interruption or failure of any utility service, act of terrorism or vandalism, sabotage, unanticipated technological or natural interference or intrusion, loss or damage to satellites, loss of satellite linkage or any other data communications linkage, loss of connectivity or any other irresistible force or compulsion or any adverse Government or regulatory intervention or order.
  • ROBI shall strive to offer the best possible service quality. However, the quality, reliability and availability of service depends on various technical, physical, network topological (transmission , gateways and upstream service providers) , topographical, atmospheric, environmental, regulatory, legal, and such other factors. ROBI shall not be liable or responsible for any defect/deficiency in the same.

Subscriber Privacy and Confidentiality

  • ROBI is committed to ensure privacy and confidentiality of its valued subscribers. ROBI does not disclose subscriber’s confidential information to any party during the course of business. However, ROBI shall have the right to disclosure of or use customer’s information where the disclosure of the information is necessary for the purpose of detecting, preventing or investigating crime, where disclosure is deemed necessary by BTRC or other national security agencies and law enforcement agencies and disclosure is ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction or so provided by law.
  • ROBI shall have the right to use subscriber information for the purpose of internal planning, provisioning and billing for services , facilitating interconnection , complaint investigation , supporting government in national emergencies and inter-operability between other telecom service providers or any other purpose approved by government
  • For further information regarding privacy, please visit:
    https://www.robi.com.bd/en/personal/privacy-notice. Note that we may from time to time amend, modify, vary or update this Privacy Notice and such updated version shall be available at www.robi.com.bd/en/personal/privacy-notice and you will be bound by such modifications, variations or updates.

Consequences of unlawful or fraudulent activities and harassment

  • Subscriber shall not use the SIM card or ROBI network for the purpose of illegal call termination or originating service. In the case of any such misuse is detected by ROBI or reported by regulatory authority, the service will be immediately disconnected, and appropriate legal action will be taken according to the law of the land.
  • In case of any SIM detected and barred for using illegal VoIP call termination or origination purpose, customer will not be eligible to get refund for the unused balance.
  • Subscriber has to start using the new connection after purchasing the connection. ROBI reserves the right to temporarily disconnect or offer limited service in case the SIM remains unused for some period after acquisition.
  • Subscriber will be solely responsible for all the activities and usage of the SIM registered with his biometric information/thumbprint/or any other valid registration process.
  • The Subscriber warrants not to use the service(s) or ROBI connection for any unlawful or abusive purposes, any kind of fraudulent activities or for sending obscene, indecent, threatening, harassing, unsolicited message or messages adversely affecting/ infringing upon national, social or economic interest, religious harmony nor create any damage or risk to ROBI or its network and/or other subscribers/customers. ROBI shall not bear any responsibility nor shall it be liable in any manner whatsoever for or in connection with any of the mentioned activities as well as any fraud committed using any of the services of ROBI by any person at any time. Owner of the SIM will be solely liable for such activities using the SIM registered under his name, NID and biometric information. ROBI reserves the right to deactivate any such subscriber immediately and without prior notification.
  • ROBI shall not bear any responsibility nor shall it be liable in any manner whatsoever in connection with disseminating any kind of anti-state communication or any such communication using any of the services of ROBI by any person at any time that might disturb socio-cultural , political or religious harmony of the society or incite disharmony therein. Owner of the SIM will be solely liable for such activities using the SIM registered under his name, NID and biometric information. ROBI reserves the right to disconnect such connection immediately and take action according to the law of land including disclosure of identity and usage information to the competent authority.

Subscriber Responsibility incase SIM is lost or theft

In case of loss or theft of the SIM card, the subscriber/customer shall immediately inform and request operator, through proper customer care channel, to block the SIM card, failing which, the subscriber/customer shall not be absolved from liability pertaining to continued use, including, but not limited to, the bills and charges, criminal liability, etc. arising due to use of such SIM card/ connection in any unlawful/ criminal act.

Promotional SMS

ROBI shall reserve the right to communicate its offers and service related communication and/or message to its subscribers/customers, whatsoever as it may deem necessary in order to keep its subscribers /customers updated from time to time.

Recycling of Mobile Numbers

ROBI shall reserve the right to resell or recycle the number, if that connection remains unused for a continued period of 450 days. A public notice will be circulated to activate the number within 90 days before making it available for reselling. A subscriber will not be able to claim his/her old account or mobile number after recycling a connection. ROBI is not liable to inform a subscriber individually about the permanent deletion of his/her account.

Customer Experience:

  • In case of any discrepancies related to billing, charging, balance, bonus, bundle offer, value added service etc. from Robi authorized channels, subscribers/customers must raise dispute to ROBI customer service channels within 30 days of receiving bill or from the date of such incidents experienced by the subscriber. ROBI will not be bound to cater any such disputes otherwise.
  • ROBI provides certain self-service options and applications to serve subscribers/customers with one time password (OTP) verification. Customers need to secure their own information by not sharing one time password (OTP) from their end. Customer shall bear all consequences for sharing any personal information, usage data, one time password (OTP) and as such other to person/ party/association.
  • ROBI reserves the right to discontinue any free of charge (FOC) campaign (new connection, Scratch card, MNP, replacement, etc.) along with loyalty SIM replacement.
  • ROBI reserves the right to change the office timing as per government instruction or any unavoidable situation.
  • ROBI reserves the right to determine availability of outdoor service based on the availability of resources, work force and over all safety situation.
  • ROBI reserves the right to block spammers, abusers on its social media and other digital & non-digital channels. ROBI also reserves the right to block/manage otherwise customers displaying unwarranted violence in speech and body language, indecency or humiliating approach.
  • ROBI reserves the right to choose not to serve other operators’ customers on its digital channels like WhatsApp or Viber.
  • ROBI shall decide and determine where to response and take appropriate measures based on the content and comments published on third party blogs and forums.
  • ROBI may have a funny, interesting, entertaining & helpful approach on its digital service channels, chatbots etc. This approach is only to delight and entertain the customers. ROBI will not be liable if such approach is within the parameters of the law, but is found objectionable by individuals of extraordinary and subjective sensitivity.
  • ROBI shall use artificial intelligence (AI) on its many digital assets, such as chatbots and website, and may ask for customers’ personal information through it for profiling and enabling transactions.
  • ROBI reserves the right to offer priority & segmented services such dialect, lifestyle, etcetera based on customer profiling in any service channels and reserves right to revoke the same without prior notice.
  • ROBI reserves the right to impose or change service charge for browsing any self-care service channel at any time in its sole discretion for any reason subject to official notification prior to giving effect to such imposition or change.
  • ROBI shall ensure proper and desired customer service quality to the customer unless there are certain incidental issues dependent on various technical, environmental, regulatory and such other factors to ensure quality. In the case of an incidental issue, ROBI will ensure committed service within the defined turn-around time.
  • ROBI shall have the right to record all call center conversation for future reference and customer service improvement.
  • Customer contact time is defined for the different channel that may change as per ROBI’s decision. It may have a standard charge applicable for a different channel defined by regulatory.
  • In case for SIM bar or unbar issue, a customer must be verified by sharing their registration and last usage related information.
  • ROBI shall have the right to block customer service access in case of subscribers/customers engaged in any unethical behavior or fraudulent activity.
  • Customers have the right to contact any of the customer service channels whenever they have any valid query, complaint, and request, ensuring the basic norms and manners of communication.
  • ROBI will not be liable for any kind of dues relating to mobile financial services account or Facebook account or any other digital or non-digital subscription of previously recycled numbers sold freshly to new customers.
  • ROBI will not be liable for mobile number portability (MNP) customers barred for any dues held with mother operators. Moreover, ROBI will not be responsible to arrange brining back of such customers repatriated to mother operator.
  • ROBI is not liable if customer is not receiving one-time password (OTP) or SMS from any application (Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber etc).
  • ROBI reserves the right to remove/purge/ permanently delete customers’ old data complying regulatory guideline. ROBI will not be liable to serve or mitigate any customers claiming for any dispute based on such deleted/purged old data.

Additional terms and conditions relating to Postpaid Subscription:

  • ROBI shall have the right, upon notice, to disconnect, suspend or bar the provision of the services to the subscriber if the total charges cross the total limit at any time.
  • ROBI shall have the right to disconnect, suspend or bar the provision of the services to the subscriber/customer if the monthly-billed invoice remains unpaid more than one month irrespective of available credit limit, despite due notice.
  • ROBI shall have the right to adjust security deposit with bill if subscriber/customer fail to clear more than six months invoices.
  • Any balance of deposit due to the subscriber/customer will be refunded at ROBI’s discretion.
  • Any refundable deposit shall be held to subscriber’s credit and repaid to the subscriber without interest after termination of agreement and subject to deduction of any amount owed to ROBI by subscriber.
  • Any complaints regarding billing must be communicated to ROBI within thirty (30) days of respective bill generation, otherwise, the questioned bill shall be deemed correct.
  • ROBI shall have the right to bill post-paid customers for their usages once in a month.
  • The bill due date for payment by customers shall not be more than one (1) month from the statement date.
  • ROBI shall have the right to review customer’s credit limit periodically and change the customer’s existing credit limit subject to usage pattern of the customer.
  • ROBI shall have the right to change the modality of customer existing package/bundle after notifying subscriber.
  • ROBI shall have the right to send monthly invoice in any form either hard copy or electronic bill copy or through SMS or any medium appropriate to the customers and or based on their choice subject to availability of the service.
  • The subscriber shall promptly pay all amounts due to ROBI in accordance to ROBI’s payment policy notwithstanding that the subscriber/customer may not have received the official bill for payment at the appropriate time for any reason.
  • Postpaid customers shall make payment at any point of time, subject to the timelines mentioned above, as they desire in different channels as accepted by ROBI.
  • To subscribe for international Roaming facilities with GSM network outside Bangladesh with whom ROBI has roaming agreement, the subscriber/customer shall have to sign an international roaming application form and abide by the terms and conditions laid therein. ROBI does not commit to make roaming service available in any specific country.
  • ROBI and the operator of the visited telecommunication serviced network shall not be liable for any loss or damage which the subscriber/customer may sustain from or through the suspension/termination/interruption/loss of or inability to use the roaming service from any cause whatsoever.
  • Roaming Billing is depended on the Roaming partners of different countries. Hence, roaming bills can be delayed and can exceed the total credit limit for which customer shall liable to pay the roaming bills.
  • ROBI lays its best effort to ensure proper Caller Line Identification (CLI) service in international roaming calls. However, proper CLI service is fully depends on the international carriers and interconnection partners.
  • ROBI reserves the right to recycle any MSISDN as per BTRC regulation, in such cases; subscriber may not be able to use the number any further.
  • The subscriber shall pay the monthly bill in the form of recharge, bank deposit or cash deposit at any ROBI nominated service point in full as required by ROBI. No other person or entity is responsible to pay the subscribers/customers bill.
  • The subscriber shall inform ROBI in writing of any change of address and or employment/business.

Additional terms and conditions relating to Prepaid Subscription:

  • ROBI shall have the right to suspend/disable, delete/permanently disconnect the provision of the service to the subscriber when he/she reaches the different stages within the life cycle of a prepaid subscriber‘s account.
  • ROBI shall have the right to re-use/recycle/re-sell any mobile number corresponding to a permanently deleted prepaid account/mobile number for not being used or recharged.
  • ROBI will not be liable to provide any refund/credit for any value on a lost/damaged/unused Scratch card after selling the Scratch card.
  • The balance of an account can be carried forward only if a subscriber recharges the account within the 90 days of validity period expiry.
  • After 90 days of the expiration of prepaid account validity period, ROBI may suspend a subscriber's account. ROBI is not liable to inform a subscriber about the suspension of his/her account.
  • If the prepaid account is not recharged within 450 days after expiry of validity, then the account can be permanently deleted. A public notice will be circulated to activate the number within 90 days before making it available for reselling. A subscriber will not be able to claim his/her old account or mobile number after reselling or recycling. ROBI is not liable to inform a subscriber individually about the permanent deletion of his/her account.

Termination of this agreement and consequences:

  • This agreement will be terminated at once the connection becomes deactivated by the request of subscriber/ customer or appropriate authority of government or ROBI for any valid reason.
  • ROBI shall reserve the right to preserve subscriber/ customer’s particulars and usage information till the period required to comply the prevailing regulatory guideline and can share with competent authority designated by law of land.

Subscribers with Disability

We are in continuous endeavor of offering equal accessibility to the products and services of Robi for the people who are differently able and may need more attention to serve.


  • ROBI shall have the right to amend the terms and conditions of this agreement in compliance with law and regulatory requirement when required.
  • ROBI reserves the right to change, vary, add, substitute or withdraw the SIM card/service/scratch card/easy-load/recharge service or any other services. ROBI shall have the right to change/vary/increase/reduce the tariff, charges, prices, validity periods, package plans and any other offers at any time on its sole discretion for any reason subject to official notification prior to implementation of such changes.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in this contract, any information brochure, notification of any other matter which will be published by ROBI regarding its services, service price, billing policy and credit policy shall be included as the terms and conditions of this contract and both ROBI and its subscriber shall be under obligation of the same.
  • Responsibilities of ROBI are explicitly stated in this agreement as above and ROBI takes no other responsibilities besides these.
  • The laws of Bangladesh shall be applicable upon the subscriber/customer in availing connection and services from ROBI in particular, Bangladesh Telecommunication Act. 2001 (Amended 2010) as amended from time to time and also the rules, regulations, guidelines and instructions emanate from the BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission , www.btrc.gov.bd) from time to time.
  • The terms and conditions stated hereinabove shall be applicable for all the subscribers/customers of ROBI, therefore all the subscribers/customers of ROBI being the users of the brands (ROBI, Airtel and /or any other brand emerges from time to time) of ROBI shall also adhere to the above-mentioned terms and conditions.
  • If any section of the above procedure contradicts with the BTRC guideline on the relevant subject, then the BTRC guideline will prevail.

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