Voice Mail service

Voice Mail Service is an interactive computerized system for answering and routing phone calls. It works as a system for recording and listening messages.

To opt in: SMS Start VM to 8121 or dial *8121#

To opt out: SMS Stop VM to 8121 or dial *8121#

For manual divert, go to call forward option then divert your call to 8121.

N.B. :  Missed call alert service and Dynamic voice call service do not work parallelly.


Subscribers do not need to manually set divert to 8121. It will automatically set in network. By this way if call fails due to any reason it will automatically route to CCE platform.

Reasons for Incomplete Call

  • Busy
  • No Answer (30 sec)
  • Out of coverage
  • Switched off

Charging Matrix

When callers call will route to CCE platform, callers will get an option to keep voice mail (press 1 key) and prompt will convey the tariff.Tk. 1.00 + Supplementary Duty (SD) + VAT on price inclusive of SD/VM+1% surcharge on base tariff
Receiver will get an SMS notification from 8121 inform to listen voice mail after dial 8121 and SMS notification will convey the mobile number of Voice mail sender.Receiver will hear stored voice mail after dial 8121 FOC. It will stored @ mail box 72 hours
MT SMS to VMS subscriberNo charge applicable
If callers are off-net subscribersThey will be charged as per their respective tariff plan

* Voice can be recorded for maximum 30 sec.

Difference between Airtel Voice Mail & Others

Airtel Voice MailOther operator’s Voice Mail
Caller party will be offered an option to keep VM & convey the tariff for depositing VM.A party has to pay airtime charge for dialing the SC.
It can be considered any other event based VAS service (like Voice SMS).Caller doesn’t get any option to keep VMS
If subscriber sends request by pressing 1, then subscriber will be charged.Calls are automatically divert to VM SC after 20 sec if no reply.
We will inform subscribers regarding his/her voice mail through free SMS.Calls party charged as per their respective voice call.
Subscriber can listen to his/her VM by dialing SC that also FOC.Here callers (to keep VM) and receivers (to activate VM), both parties are charged.

Important Notes:

  • IVR Language: By default language will be Bangla. But if subscribers want to change it, they can change Bangla and English.
  • Every time someone leaves you a voicemail, you will be notified by an SMS.
  • Capacity of Voice Mailbox: In a Voice Mailbox there are different types of messages that can be stored. Unheard and heard messages.
  • Depositing a Message: When a call is diverted to VMS, the caller can deposit his/her message after the beep tone.
  • Notification: The called party will get a SMS notification about the call whenever he/she will be available.
  • What is the tariff for this service?
    For leaving any message, the caller (A-Party) will be charged after pressing 1 key; no charge is applicable before pressing the key.
  • How can I cancel this voice mail?
    Please go to your call settings option and deactivate call divert option.
  • I have received an SMS where masking was “Voice mail”, what is it for?
    Now you are eligible to receive and listen voice mail without any charge. If your number is out of reach and caller deposit voice mail for you we will store that voice mail on behalf of you when your number will be available we will deliver you the voice mail through the short code 8121.
  • One of my friend is always getting Voice mail @ his number, when his number out of reach but I don’t receive such SMS/mail, why?
    Your number also will be eligible for this service later on or if you want to enjoy this service now please divert your calls (any condition) to 8121.

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