Roaming Tips

Getting smooth roaming experience in Airtel is easy and convenient. Just follow below tips:

Before leaving Bangladesh

  • Check International Roaming Coverage & Tariff:

    Always check the international roaming tariff, network coverage and available bundles for your destination country before you travel. Choose your suitable roaming package to minimize the roaming cost. Click Here for details.

  • Before You Travel, Check Your Roaming Status:

    Prepaid:  Roaming Balance: *778*10#

    Postpaid:  Roaming Bill: *1#

    Roaming Combo Bundle Balance:  Minutes: *222*47#, SMS: *222*48#, Data: *222*46#

    Check available credit Limit / balance and ensure sufficient amount to avoid disconnection

    For Postpaid, always check your USD endorsed credit card expiry date & update card info to avoid disconnection

  • For assistance, Call to 121 or Mail to

While in Abroad

Upon arrival at your destination country, restart your handset by turning it off & on (Not Airplane Mode).

Some general guidelines are:

  • Network: 
    If network does not latch automatically, restart the device, and then please select the preferred network manually from your device’s network settings.
  • Internet: 
    For seamless connectivity in roaming, please ensure Data Roaming & Mobile Data is turned-on, APN settings are correct (APN: INTERNET). In case of dual sim device, make sure correct SIM card is selected.
    If you are not interested to use data roaming, make sure Data Roaming option in your smart phone is Switched Off
  • Calls: 
    In case of outgoing call problems, please dial any numbers with correct country code. In case of call to Bangladesh, please dial in +880 or 00880 format.
  • SMS: 
    If you are unable to send SMS, please check & ensure the SMS center number is set to +8801801000004

For any unsolved issues while in roaming, please let us know mentioning your location, mobile number and description of the problem through:

[Call to Bangladesh rate from your visiting country will be applicable]

Special Notes

  • Postpaid Pack / Bundle will automatically renew if usage found after the package’s validity period. Package validity calculated based on Bangladesh calendar date (Cutoff point: 00 hour of BD local time).
  • For prepaid, Data Pack validity will be counted from the first usage of the pack and bundle validity will be counted from the time of successful purchase. Pack / Bundle will not auto renew and you have repurchase it by dialing USSD.
  • If you do not wish to continue the bundle, please turn off the cellular/mobile data, turn off data roaming and dial *123*8*2*15# to migrate to base plan, where you will be charged on usage basis only.
  • Separate charges may incur if you use roaming service in transit destination.
  • Data synchronization on smartphones might incur unwanted costs. If you do not wish to use roaming service, please turn off the data roaming option.
  • Any International calls (3rd Country except BD & the destination country) may result in significantly higher charges.
  • During roaming, it is not possible to bar postpaid roaming service in real time (even if the Security Deposit is crossed) as billing records are generated from the Roaming Partner’s system and shared at a delayed time.

How to select network manually

Handset Type / PlatformHow to manual select network
iPhoneSetting > Carrier > Select the correct preferred operator
AndroidSetting > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Search for Network operators
Windows Phone Start screen > swipe left > Setting > Cellular > Network selection > Select the network

General Troubleshooting

  • For continuous connection please turn on data roaming, mobile data and use proper APN settings (APN: INTERNET). In the case of dual SIM, select the correct SIM.
  • If the network does not latch automatically, restart your device, then manually select the network from the phone's network settings.
  • If you are having trouble with the outgoing call, dial the correct country code. When calling in Bangladesh dial +880 or 00880.
  • For any roaming problems, text WhatsApp (+8801647771212) describing your location, mobile number, and problem or email
  • If you still have problems, call the Roaming Helpline+8801678600786 at 24 hours a day or email
  • Do I need to register to enjoy these special rates?

    - Yes, you have to register to enjoy simple & affordable roaming rates in 100 countries

  • How do I register for special Roaming offer? 

    - You can register by dialing *140*10*3#. Registration is free of cost.

  •  I am a prepaid customer, will I be able to register and enjoy the special roaming offer? 

    - This offer is only available for postpaid roaming customer

  • What if I am already a postpaid roaming customer and did not register?

    - In this case, you will not be able to enjoy simple & affordable roaming rates in 100 countries. Your charge will be depending upon roaming partner’s regular roaming charge.

  • I had already registered for special roaming offer during my previous visit abroad do I need to register again? 

    - You will only need to register to special roaming offer once, after that whenever you travel abroad you will get the special rates.

  • How I will be charged for 50MB internet pack? 

    - Once you’re registered for roaming internet pack and visit any roaming partner network with internet pack option and start using internet roaming service you will automatically fall under the category of 50MB internet pack for a day and you will be charged Tk 800 for first 50 MB. If you use more than (>) 50MB and less than (<) 100MB you will fall in 2nd slab and you will be charge (Tk 800*2=Tk 1600) and so on.

  • If I register for roaming internet pack and do not use internet service, will I be charged for Internet roaming pack?

    - If you register for Roaming internet pack and do not use internet roaming service you won’t be charged for roaming internet pack. Please make sure that your internet is turned off from your smartphone so that it doesn’t automatically update apps in the background and utilize unnecessary internet.

  •  What do I require to have a Airtel International Roaming subscription? 

    - The following requirement needs to be fulfilled to have international roaming subscription:

    • A Airtel regular post-paid / pre-paid subscription with IDD facility
    • An International Credit Card with at least 6 months validity in customer's own Name or Foreign Currency Account
    • Security Deposit applicable for Post-paid customers only (Refundable)
    • Tk. 10,000 for Bangladeshi Nationals
    • Tk. 50,000 for Foreigners
    • No Security Deposit for Corporate Customer authorizing auto debit facility
  • Can I activate Roaming even after leaving Bangladesh? 

    - Yes, you can! Send your passport scan copy and credit card scan copy at and follow the replied instructions accordingly.

  • What should I do if my Credit Card validity is less than 6 months? 

    - If you intend to travel abroad within these 6 months, then the credit card validity can be excused. In that case, your roaming profile will be deactivated automatically upon your card’s expiry and therefore you are requested to Re-activate the service with the New Card again.

    15% Supplementary Duty (SD) , 15 % VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and 1% surcharge on base tariff will be applicable.

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